London, Paris and Brussels

Our company started out with facilities in Paris before expanding to Brussels and more recently to London, allowing us to work with great flexibility

A family business, innovative, FDR STUDIO has invested in new technology and mastered its own dubbing management process.

Our qualified, creative and committed team will oversee your project from pre-production to final delivery.

We work with the latest generation Pro Tools HD and rythmo band technology.

To meet the highest quality requirements, we use microphones with a tube preamplification in each studio and monitoring speakers with audiovisual post-production standards, ranging from stereo configuration to 7.1 cinema format.

Each recording booth has large 50-inch HD / 4k screens for ideal comfort.

We ensure maximum security: CCTV and studio security policies (TPN) that are strictly adhered to at all times guarantee your content is in the safest hands, accessible to only a few employees with direct security clearance.

In addition to 10 studios, our convivial spaces and breakout areas allow our clients to continue their work between sessions if needed.